Behavior Strategy for Quarantine

Behavior Strategy for Quarantine
May 19, 2020 FNFadmin
In Parents Corner

When the quarantine started with an extended spring break our family began to have weekly family meetings to share ideas, plans and frustrations. Ryan does best with lots of information so I was able to find several social stories about Covid 19 and quarantine to share with him. Then I had him present the stories to our family during a meeting.

The biggest struggle we had while trying to establish the new routine was complaining and yelling. Our solution began with the the weekly family meeting poster agenda. Whoever runs the meeting documents what was discussed. It then  hangs in the kitchen for the week so you can add notes/ideas for the next meeting. However the section for “airing grievances and frustrations” is Ryan’s favorite. We are fortunate in that he can read and write so when he’s really mad I simply direct him to go write his complaint on the poster. It helps him calm down and gives him space to step away from whatever is frustrating him.   – Kristin Walsh

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