PRINT VERSUS DIGITAL: Which is better for learning?

PRINT VERSUS DIGITAL: Which is better for learning?
August 10, 2020 FNFadmin
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PRINT VERSUS DIGITAL: Which is better for learning?
A new study shows that students learn more effectively from print textbooks than screens, according to studies performed at the University of Maryland that were published in The Journal of Experimental Education.
While students overwhelming preferred digital text over paper and felt that their reading was significantly faster online, they misjudged that their comprehension was better online than in print. The study clearly found that comprehension was significantly better when the student read a paper text.
If the student was reading for general understanding like grasping the main idea, and details weren’t critical, digital was OK. However, comprehension was significantly improved when reading printed texts. Therefore, during this unprecedented time of distance learning, it would be a good idea to print any reading assignments for your children as much as possible, so they aren’t staring at the computer or digital device so much throughout the day.
As a reminder, there is a great article on WebMD about vision problems that interfere with a child’s ability to read and learn. Click here for a link to that article.
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