I am so honored to be a part of Friday NITE Friends!  This organization is near and dear to my heart for so many reasons.

Growing up with a brother who has spina bifida, I recall a childhood full of visits to hospitals, doctors‚Äô offices and therapy clinics.¬† My family taught me about perseverance and that while life may look different, it can be wonderful and rewarding.¬† I learned that there is a lot to be gleaned from a ‚Äúlife less ordinary‚ÄĚ if you are willing to embrace it.¬†¬† Looking at life from this point of view is a true gift!

I have been blessed to serve families with children who have medical and special needs throughout my career as a therapist. I have learned about love, hope, joy, loss, coping, flexibility and patience through the eyes of so many.  I have cried tears of joy and worry as I spent time with these beautiful families.  What a confirmation that all children are unique and have so much to teach us!

My time at Friday NITE Friends has been pivotal.  I am inspired by our FNF children and parents who share their lives with us.   Our devoted team and dedicated volunteers, who have endless unconditional love to share, never cease to amaze me.  It is always an adventure at FNF…and I feel blessed to be on this journey with such incredible people.   Ultimately, I hope that I can give back through FNF, if even just a small piece of what has been given to me.

Erin Woods

Shortly after the inception of Friday NITE Friends, Lynda Guerrero asked me if I would consider coordinating the program to give parents a consistent person to go to each week.  I was excited for this opportunity, as many things in life had prepared me for this role…

I raised a child with a disability during a time when there was little education, support and services available for families like ours.  I know first-hand the challenges that parents go through navigating such an uncertain life.   I had also spent many years working with children with special needs at Plano I.S.D.  There, I developed many relationships with children and families that I still connect with today.  Needless to say, Friday NITE Friends was a perfect fit for me.  I quickly fell in love with FNF and I am still here after all of these years!

I am proud to be part of Friday NITE Friends. I have met so many wonderful people, from the families to the volunteers. It is very rewarding to watch the children grow over the years.  There is not one night that goes by that I am not touched by something or someone.  What a blessing Friday NITE Friends has been to me!

Carol Brady Houston

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