Useful links from Positively Autism 5/23/20

Useful links from Positively Autism 5/23/20
May 23, 2020 FNFadmin
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Here is a quick video about how you can use video modeling as one of your online learning strategies for kiddos with autism. It’s on the Positively Autism YouTube channel here:

Dr. Caldwell has also written a free mini-curriculum for sentence writing that’s completely customizable for your child or student’s interests. Since it’s customizable, many sections of it are blank, so here is a short video that walks through exactly how to teach sentence writing with filled in examples of the worksheets. View the video and download the free mini-curriculum here:

Also, here are a few Facebook groups that you might find helpful. These groups are a great way to connect with others offering tips, ideas, resources, and support!

The Book Fairy Group: Fun Reading and Literacy Tips for Kids with Autism with some helpful research on reading comprehension –

Dyscalculia Book Group: In this group, Dr. Caldwell runs a free book study group about math learning disabilities once or twice per year.

Naturalistic ABA Idea Group: Where she discusses ways to use ABA principles to make learning fun, meaningful, and empowering to students with autism by using their interests to teach and by using natural reinforcers. If you don’t like ABA, I do respect that (and probably agree with you to an extent, which is why I like naturalistic ABA), but I’d suggest skipping this group if you don’t like ABA, as she doesn’t really open the floor for debating ABA (it’s just not the purpose of the group).

Special Education Tutors: This group is specifically focused on self-employed tutors who work with kids at their homes (or other locations such as libraries). Teaching tips, book reviews, and marketing information will be shared.

Autism Homeschool Success: This is an amazing group of about 2,000 parents of children and teens with autism that are great about answering questions and supporting each other!


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